Edouard Manet : A Bar at the Folies Berge`re (1882)   

ᑿ僡ê҇ʠ왩䡻ÐǑ蒊젡璧Ȕ?㹈烃ɷը 20 䴩㿐ortrait of Picasso
਒Ѕ?╂娢紑娊ش 㹢ſMona Lisa 냔ȹҠ荂ب㹀Ҿ R鶖堈?˒卺䴩蹕蠍
ᑺ僡ü٩Ñ䪒ǴѿVincent van Gogh 鷕聕电ʨǹ緕蹨Ҋ蠤hᾩ璹.╂?
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